Prop #1

So, for the last few days I've just been powering through modeling and texturing this flashlight up there. I wanted to start small and just fully model and texture something simple. Of course, nothings that simple when you are re-teaching yourself skills you learned 10 years ago.

For some reason I decided I would learn to model in 3DS Max and also learn how to texture in Substance Painter. God knows why, since I originally learned modeling in Maya and texturing in Photoshop. Substance Painter seems like it will be very beneficial to learn though, so I'm glad I'm learning it.

Things are going well I think. I'm just so stoked to be working on this stuff. There are so many helpful tips online to be learned and I've been just cramming my brain full of knowledge.

I'm not sure if it will be worth it to just keep going through more props or whatever, model, unwrap, texture, etc... or if I should just model for a while, just unwrap stuff, just texture, etc, etc... We'll see I guess.

The picture above is from the 3D view in Substance Painter. I'm having issues with rendering in 3DS Max 2018 with the Arnold renderer. Yet another skill to learn is lighting and rendering in 3DS Max.

I wonder if it would be more worth it to just start putting objects into Unreal Engine and learn that, which I will need to learn anyways eventually.

There is so much to learn and do, its a bit daunting to be honest but I'm still just as excited and every step I take I get more confident. I need like a schedule or something or like someone to assign me a task to do. I can also just assign something to myself, which sounds like a good idea or look online for a challenge which will give me a project to work on....

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