CPU went kaputski

So my computer has decided to shit the bed.
It started just turning off randomly and even turning on randomly in the middle of the night over the last couple weeks. Now it just starts and then shuts down about 5 minutes after I get Windows open.

I'm pretty confident that its the PSU as it is over 7 years old and the machine has been through a lot.

The bad news is that it has severely put a dent in my 3D learning plan. Especially the working in the morning before work part.

The good news is that I get to buy a new rig!

In fact, I already bought it!

All the parts are on their way even as I speak!

I know, I know, I probably could have salvaged some parts of the old rig and not needed to buy a completely new one but come on, wheres the fun in that?

I think I will snatch some of the stuff from the old machine, like the case fans. I'll also put my old SSD's in there as well since they have all my artwork on them. I'm confident that the drives are fine, so my work is safe.

This new rig is so outta control though, seriously. I basically spared no expense, so this thing is gonna rip. I picked up a new monitor as well thats 1440p, so that'll be amazing too.

Anyways, will be about a week before that arrives and I get it all built up. I'm sure I'll post on here when its alive.

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