So, I have worked my way through a 25 part intro to 3DS Max tutorial series. Just getting reaquainted with working in 3D. The tutorials were just on the most basic stuff like navigating the interface, basic hot keys, where tools are, basic modelling, texturing, lighting, animation, etc... The highest level stuff just to get going.

It was a great refresher that I really needed though since its basically been 10 years since I made anything in 3D and even then, I was using Maya.

After finishing the tutorial earlier today, I decided I would try out some basic modelling of a flashlight, as seen above. It has gone pretty smoothly so far. The one thing that I had to get used to, which I am, is using smoothing groups instead of using hard/soft edges like in Maya. That took a minute to wrap my head around but I understand it now, which is great.

Another great thing I've noticed is the wealth of information online about how to do things. I don't even mean tutorials. There are just endless amounts of forum posts, autodesk help site, etc... where thousands of people have come before and asked the same questions I'm asking now. Luckily I have a bit of knowledge so I know how to structure my questions in Google to give me the answers I need. I have yet to be stumped on any given problem I have, which is great.

So, anyways, thats my model for the day up there. I think I might try to texture it as well just to bring it all home. Stay tuned.

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