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Haven't posted for a bit. Not cause I haven't been drawing, just haven't gotten around to it. Trying to do more digital work lately.

I picked up a MobileStudio Pro 16 a week ago but wasn't really impressed with it, so I ended up sending it back. Am still using a Yiynova MVP22U on my main rig and its ok. Lines are a bit gittery but actual painting is ok.

I drew a couple of portraits on there and recorded them. Kind of fun recording myself.

That one was the first one and this is the final pic.
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Wasn't too happy with how it turned out but was still fun.

Did this one this morning.

And this is the final 

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Happier with that one but still needs a lot of work (especially the hair). Pretty fun recording it and seeing the process I used. Doing so is helping me learn I think because I can review what worked and didn't all the way through.

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