Sketching on Cintiq 22hd

So, I had recently purchased a Wacom MobileStudio Pro 16. Although it was a pretty cool piece of tech, I ultimately realized that the computer itself was fairly weak and I didn't need to be so mobile with the thing. If I want to draw in front of the TV, I'll just use my actual sketch book. It really wasn't worth the nearly 3.5k Canadian I paid for it and it definitely wasn't really "Future proof" as far as the specs went on the unit.

So, I ended up returning it.

I realized that I was spending more time sitting at my main computer and doing digital art on an older Yiynova MVP22U (cintiq knock off) and that the Yiynova, while sort of ok, was actually a pretty shitty unit. I mean, it was next to impossible to get a straight line on it and the pen and screen on it didn't feel that great.

I had squared away all that cash for the MSP earlier, so I started doing some research into an alternative tablet to get for my computer. From using the MSP, I realized that I didn't even really like the touch functionality of it and that often it would pick up my palm or my palm would accidentally hit some tool in the program I was using, so I decided that touch was not something I would be looking for in a unit. Luckily, this would actually make things a bit cheaper then.

I ended up deciding on the Wacom Cintiq 22hd. This unit, although quite old now (came out in 2012 I think) has basically stood the test of time. Something I didn't like about the MSP was that as it was a brand new piece of tech, it had its share of buggy first run problems. I assumed that since the Cintiq was older, all the bugs are most likely worked out by now.

So, it just came in the mail yesterday and to say I'm impressed is an understatement. This thing is so well put together, its crazy. Everything about it feels so good. The pen to screen feeling is almost like paper with its toothyness. Much better than the Yiynova. Have been sketching a bit on it and it just feels great.

Below are a couple of things I've done so far. Really enjoying this thing so much more than the other devices I've tried. Very happy with my purchase so far.

Photo studies

Haven't posted for a bit. Not cause I haven't been drawing, just haven't gotten around to it. Trying to do more digital work lately.

I picked up a MobileStudio Pro 16 a week ago but wasn't really impressed with it, so I ended up sending it back. Am still using a Yiynova MVP22U on my main rig and its ok. Lines are a bit gittery but actual painting is ok.

I drew a couple of portraits on there and recorded them. Kind of fun recording myself.

That one was the first one and this is the final pic.
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Wasn't too happy with how it turned out but was still fun.

Did this one this morning.

And this is the final 

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Happier with that one but still needs a lot of work (especially the hair). Pretty fun recording it and seeing the process I used. Doing so is helping me learn I think because I can review what worked and didn't all the way through.


Here's a page from my sketchbook I did the other day. I was trying to draw soldiers from different eras. Some of them look alright but overall it didn't really come out the way I wanted. I drew it over the period of a week or two at random times so I guess I was feeling it more on certain days.


Another one from life drawing on the weekend that I forgot to post. Really like how the pose turned out, although I wish I had a bit more time for it. I think it was just a 2 or 5 minute pose.

Vietnam Grunt

Did another grunt in a sort of comic book style during this week. Spent a bit more time on this one but still pretty rough. Line work was done in Clip Studio Paint Pro and colours in Photoshop

Life Drawing

Half an hour sketch from life drawing today. Pretty happy with how this sepia charcoal pencil I picked up is working out. Kind of fun to try something other than black. Going to life drawing is such a humbling experience. Its impressive how many amazing artists are out there. Back in the day I never would have thought I would be able to draw in front of other people like you have to do at life drawing without totally blowing it but its surprisingly easy to get caught up in it and just focus on the drawing and the model. Good times.

Evening Sketch

When I'm not doing life drawings, I find that most of the stuff I draw includes soldiers or some war type shot. Not totally sure why. I mean, that stuff looks cool to me (and millions of other artists no doubt) but I think its easier to just get a good action shot or have the picture tell a bit of a story if you use a soldier or some sort of war action shot. I've never sat down thinking "Oh, I just want to draw this happy man" or something like that. Like a lot of other artists I gravitate towards drawing powerful men and beautiful women than just average joes sitting around. Maybe its because I'm drawn towards escapism, I don't know. Anyways, did this soldier sketch/photo study tonight. Trying to have my own sort of spin on it.


One from life drawing today. I bought a bunch of new pencils and charcoal including this sepia pencil. Pretty happy with how this worked out. There was a woman besides me who was such an amazing artist. At first it intimidated me but then I tried to watch her for a bit to catch some tips. This was what I drew after.

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