Wasn't too happy with that drawing from yesterday, so I redid it but this time used pencil. A little better this time for sure. I would say the bottom part if her torso is the best area on it. It's fun to use different mediums on the same picture.

Pen sketcher

Did this quick pen sketch today based on a photo I saw on reddit. Didn't really plan it out as well as I could have. Kind of blew it on the shading. Reference pic below.

Life drawing

Four from life drawing today each done a from 5-30 minutes. Using charcoal pencil and a stick of charcoal for the torso one.  I guess they look alright but I'm not that happy with them. It was so frustrating because today there was this model there who does really awesome poses and I didn't feel like my drawings were really "on" so to speak. Hate when that happens. Its like I get too excited to draw a sweet pose and then blow it. Anyways, always a learning lesson I guess (hopefully).


Fairly quick speed paint or spit paint or whatever you want to call it from this morning. Good to do some sort of digital work for a change and use colours, something I'm horrible at using. The majority of the painting was done within about half an hour or so but then I started browsing the web and looking at other artists works for ideas on how to pretty it up a bit. Probably spent about an hour doing that while sipping coffee and making little changes in the piece as I went. Sort of ok with how it turned out. Had to include the little guy in the corner at the end. He's looking sharp down there.

Also, I accidentally deleted my intro post on the blog yesterday, which was a bit frustrating. I think I'll make it an "about this blog" sort of thing on the side instead when I re-write it.


Quick sketch of a face in my #sketchbook at work. Was looking at a Natalie Portman photo from black swan. Doesn't really look like her but at least it looks like someone!


Here's a quick pen sketch I did after work today based on a photo I saw on a Vietnam history Instagram I follow. Lots of good stuff on there that give me ideas to draw.

Back in White!

As far as PC cases go, white is the new black! So, my new rig is complete and I'm back at it with my morning 3D routine. PC s...